Georgia and particularly its humid subtropical Samegrelo region offers a unique opportunity to grow Europe’s sweetest green kiwifruit. Nergeta’s kiwifruit, of the Hayward variety, is exceptional in terms of Brix, dry matter, flesh colour and taste.

Nergeta is committed to grow, pack and deliver its kiwifruit to Georgian and selected North and Western European markets. We are focused on serving the following three types of customers:

  • Final Consumer
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler

We will serve final consumers through quality of experience that our product gives: if any consumer buys 10 pieces of our fruit anywhere, any time in the sales season (whether in January, March or May), every single fruit should be without defects and no consumer should have reason to say that even one out of these 10 fruits is different. Retailers and wholesalers especially value good storability and minimal loss during ripening period. We meet their expectations by disciplined handling of pre- and post-harvest as well as post-shipment processes. Another proposition for our trade partners is our integrated orchard and packhouse operation. This allows us to offer uniform quality, easy and quick traceability, ability to plan ahead and more importantly the assurance that no unforeseen factors will affect the planned deliveries.

Four factors help us to achieve our goals:

  1. Operation in a climate zone which requires the least “push factors”. The great taste and marketable size of our kiwifruit are primarily the result of natural, domestic state of our climate and soil.
  2. Nuanced knowledge of production methods: As soon as we heard about New Zealand kiwifruit industry’s advances in orchard and post-harvest works, we sought to learn from them and we have today an extraordinary partnership and learning networks with the best New Zealand agricultural scientists, growers and packhouses, which we have also visited prior to starting our operations.
  3. Qualified Management: Our co-founders, who continue as managers of Nergeta, have been working in agricultural businesses since 2002 and have been in various roles from operations managers to marketing and to logistics managers. However, we do not consider the years alone as an asset. What‘s precious is the acquired ability to develop an enterprise and its value.
  4. Motivated and engaged field workers: because of easier availability of labour, we do not have to contract different groups of seasonal workers every year. Our field workers are from the adjacent community and will be working for Nergeta full time for many, many years. Every time there is some new operation, the managers of Nergeta do not only explain “how to” but always work side by side to show an example as well as to make sure everyone learns well. This has an invaluable positive impact on the people and ensures that there are no gaps in the quality of operations.

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