We took great care to select suitable land for our kiwifruit orchard development project. We considered soil type, terrain, altitude, expansion potential and after multiple soil analyses and assessments we purchased the first 10 hectars in July 2010. In the following months we bought an additional 62 hectars and as of today we own more than 150 hectars of good quality lands. One indicator of its quality is that our land has 4,5% organic matter.

In October 2010 the exciting work for land preparation followed. We ploughed the lands three times, racked and disc-harrowed, and put out dolomite powder to reduce acidity. By May 2011 we installed micro-sprinkler irrigation system. By January 2011 we prepared net 13.5 hectares for orchard and in the end of same month we put 2 year old Hayward green kiwifruit plants into the soil. In May 2011 we completed installation of micro-sprinkler irrigation system in our orchard and carried on growing and nurturing our vines. In January 2012 we added another net 10 hectares of kiwifruit orchard and plan to expand this further soon.

Here is a video that shows our planting. As you can see, our employee remakes the hole to adjust to the diameter of the roots and puts great care into making sure that roots are distributed evenly in the hole.

Here are some pictures from our orchard establishment and maintenance works: